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Introducing the Gundam plastic model, the soul of the Japanese

Gundam is a Japanese national robot anime.
And its popularity ranges from children to adults.
Or rather, a good old middle-aged man is crazy about plastic models.
Japan is peaceful。

If you want to know Gundam, let's know its world view.

The stage is the future world, Universal Century 0079, more than half a century after the start of space colonization to the space colony.
Side 3 challenges the Revolutionary War against the federal government by calling itself the Principality of Zeon.
Despite the overwhelming power gap, Zeon gained an edge through innovative tactics such as the introduction of mobile suits and colony drops, killing about half of both populations.

Amuro Ray, son of Tem Ray, a federal engineer and mobile suit developer, embarks on the new Federal Mobile Suit Gundam in the turmoil of battle.
The legend of Gundam begins here.

This anime was originally an anime for selling plastic models.
However, it became popular immediately after it was discontinued due to its low audience rating, and continues to this day.

The plastic model "Gundam" introduced this time was a big success in animation.
It is an MS made by collecting the best of the technology of the Earth Federation Forces, and was developed by thoroughly researching the MS-06F "Zaku II" of the Principality of Zeon Army.

Despite being a prototype, it was suddenly put into action and has achieved results such as destroying more than 200 MSs, 15 ships, and 5 mobile armors in just over three months.

This story is also the story of Amuro's growth.
Amuro suffers from the crime of killing his loved one 10 years after this work, which was set in the One Year War.
And a few years later, Amuro takes leadership as a commander to fight his nemesis.
The Japanese have accumulated themselves in their growth and conflict, and have deeply loved not only the main character of the story but also the robots they operate.

In that sense, this Gundam plastic model can be said to be the soul of the Japanese.
Naturally, I also have a deep royalty for Gundam.

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