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Wow What is this?

Introducing the second Pikachu gummy!

The pikachu gummy that I introduced before.
The second of this is out.

It was a taste of Dengeki Tropica, but it will be a taste with cola added.
When you hear what Dengeki Tropica tastes like, you associate it with the following.

Does it feel numb?
I actually tried it.

It's sour.
There is sour powder around the gummies and it is delicious because it mixes with the sweetness of cola.
At first, I'm not impressed that much, but when I notice it, it tastes like I'm eating everything.

The package has four types of Pikachu enjoying the summer vacation.

Pikachu in a straw hat.

Hibiscus and Pikachu.

Pikachu wearing sunglasses and enjoying a vacation.

All are cute.

At the end, watch the video and be healed.

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