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Wow What is this?

It is a protect cable of Eevee!

Does everyone love Pokemon?
I'm an old man, but when I was a kid I was crazy about Pokemon, and now my kid is crazy.

Today I would like to introduce one of those Pokemon goods.
That said, Pokemon have been popular in Japan for a long time, and there are incredible kinds. Even Pokemon goods are for kids, right? There may be people, but surprisingly there are also adult goods.

That is this.
Don't know what?
And why Eevee, not Pikachu?
Well that's a matter of taste.

So what is this is a tool to put together the Iphone cables.
Is not it cute.

There are so many Pokemon goods in Japan.
I took a small part of it.
I would like to introduce more if I have the opportunity.

Eevee's drawing song

There was blueberry
There were also two fish balls
Add soy sauce
Donuts Donuts are delicious
If you eat beans with chopsticks
Buoy buoy buoy eve
When the roasted potatoes are ready
(I don't have a beard!)

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