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It was difficult to play a game with the motif of Japan’s Warring States period

It was a game a while ago, but there is a game called Nioh.
There is one part with William Adams as the main character and two parts with the character of the fictional setting of Dosan Saito's child as the main character.

William is a real person, an English navigator, pilot, and trader who served Ieyasu Tokugawa as a diplomatic adviser in the early Edo period.
It is also known as the Japanese name of Miura Anjin.

The feature of this game is that the operating character dies anyway.

Point [1] You can get a sense of accomplishment at the end of the death battle.
The action of "Nioh" in which the main character, William, fights with various weapons such as swords and spears.
Not only the bosses of each stage, but even the enemies that appear along the way are very powerful, and it is a big feature that you can enjoy the always tense battle that a little carelessness leads to immediate "death" and the sense of accomplishment when you break through. ..

Point [2] World view of "Japanese-style dark fantasy" where youkai and guardian spirits appear

The stage of the game is Japan at the end of the Warring States period.
It's a Japanese-style dark fantasy world where youkai are not only infested with thieves, but also youkai.
A number of guardian spirits who help William also appear, and the entire game is wrapped in a mysterious world view.
Highly recommended for those who are interested in such a mysterious Japanese atmosphere and ancient Japanese mysteries!

Point [3] Real Sengoku warlords play an active role based on historical facts.

Set in the mysterious Sengoku world, this work unfolds an original story from the perspective of William traveling around Japan.
At the end of this journey, many real Sengoku warlords, including Ieyasu Tokugawa and Mitsunari Ishida, who collided in the Battle of Sekigahara, appeared.
Even though it is an original story, their activities are drawn based on historical facts and anecdotes, which is irresistible to history fans.
Those who are familiar with the situation at the end of the Warring States period and military commanders should enjoy it more!

In historical fact, William was washed ashore in Japan as a member of a fleet heading for the Far East during the Age of Discovery, but he came to Japan for a different purpose in the story of Nioh.
The purpose is to find a man named Kelly who has traveled from England to Japan. Kelly gathered the mysterious spirit stone Amrita and brought the supremacy of the Age of Discovery to his native England, but traveled in search of a new Amrita. William, who has a relationship with Kelly, will follow him on a war-torn Japan trip.

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