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It’s amazing that The Heike Story is animated

"The Heike Story" is a military memorial story that was established during the Kamakura period in Japan, and depicts the prosperity and downfall of the Heike clan, the rise of the samurai class, etc., and has been read for 800 years, although the author is unknown.

This opening, which dismisses Genji and talks about the dying appearance of the prosperous Heike family, is also a masterpiece that embodies the beauty of Japanese.
Biwa's narration "Heike Story", which is derived from "Heike Story", was handed down as a narration performance by blind Biwa Hoshi.

Synopsis of The Heike Story
The story begins when Taira no Kiyomori gained enormous power in the imperial court after the Hogen rebellion in 1156 (the first year of Hogen) and the Heiji rebellion in 1160 (the first year of Heiji).
Kiyomori, who became the Prime Minister (currently the Prime Minister), promoted the clan one after another.
No matter what selfishness you say, no one will go against it.

Of course, there were many aristocrats and samurai who did not like Kiyomori, including Emperor Go-Shirakawa.
In 1177 (3rd year of Angen), after the failure of Shishigatani's plot, Emperor Go-Shirakawa's son, Prince Mochihito, ordered the samurai of each country to pursue the Heike clan.
Prince Mochihito's recruitment also ended in failure, which later led to the six-year rebellion of Genpei War. This civil war is the "Genpei War".

Kiyomori died of illness during the civil war, and the Heike family was destroyed in the Battle of Dannoura. This marked the end of the Heike clan's glory.

"Heikyoku" is spoken by a blind monk, Biwa Hoshi, to the sound of Biwa.
And "the voice of the bell of Jetavana" and "the color of the flowers of the sal tree".
These two are closely related to Shaka-sama.
Because, "The Heike Story" had an aspect of requiescating the dead of the Heike.

Biwa Hoshi's "Biwa", which is the storyteller of the story, is set as the main character as the original character of the animation.
Is depicted as a group drama of people who lived hard.

The main characters are this "Biwa" and Taira no Kiyomori's son, Shigemori.
Shigemori can see the dead. And "Biwa" can see the future.
Shigemori of the Heike Ichimon, who is proud of his glory, begins with the prediction that "you will soon perish."

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