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Wow What is this?

It’s okay to have “Naritasan” on the Tachikoma figure

Tachikoma is a "tank" equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that uses artificial neurochips and can "think" and act autonomously.
Tachikoma is set to have an innocent childish personality for some reason and is very cute.

It's a waste of cuteness for a machine standing on a gambling house.
Especially for Batou-only machines, AI has evolved unexpectedly due to the natural oil given by Batou (a very high-class product in the world under construction).

The reason why Tachikoma puts this sticker on Mt. Narita is that there is actually Naritasan Shinshoji Temple on Mt. Narita, which is a temple that purifies traffic safety.

That's why it seems that a sticker with Naritasan written on it will be put on the car or motorcycle.

It's nice to be able to reproduce every detail.
It's not that big, so why not try one?

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