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Wow What is this?

Japan limited kit cut! Sakura sake taste.

What do you think of when you think of Japan?
Geisha Mt. Fuji game animation?
All are correct, but Japanese people think of flowers as cherry blossoms and drinks as sake.

As I walked through the supermarket, I found a sweet with cherry blossoms, a Japanese favorite, and sake together. It was KitKat "Sakura Sake Flavor".

Can you eat cherry blossoms?
Do Japanese people eat such beautiful flowers?

In fact, cherry blossom petals are often used as ingredients in Japan.
For example, "Ampan". Anpan is an anko wrapped in bread dough and baked. In the middle of this bread is salted cherry blossoms.
Note: Anko is a mixture of red beans and sugar kneaded into a paste.

In addition, salted cherry blossoms are sometimes poured as "Sakura tea" by pouring hot water.
So Japanese people don't have much resistance to eating cherry blossoms.

What is the actual taste of this KitKat?
It's a sake flavored chocolate with a beautiful cherry blossom color.
Have you ever tried sake?
It has a unique scent and taste that is different from wine and beer. You can enjoy that with KitKat

However, it's a little adult taste. It is a sweet that cannot be given to children.
May suit coffee or astringent tea.
Please try!

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