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Wow What is this?

Kamen Rider is new and made into a movie!

Kamen Rider is a special effects hero who has been crazy about Japanese children.

Shotaro Ishinomori was in charge of the "original manga".
He is a legendary manga artist who has mass-produced works in a wide range of genres, from science fiction comics, gag comics to learning comics, and was called the "King of Manga".

The basic line of this work is an exciting science fiction action drama in which a life-sized hero and a monster confront each other.
A "odd" hero image that is different from the conventional live-action hero thing, a poetic justice drama that suppresses the aspect as a human drama as much as possible, a mysterious drama-like production, and a dashing motorcycle "Rider Kick" It features a fighting scene that unfolds dynamic actions such as, and the appearance of a unique and grotesque monster with a variety of animals and plants as a motif.

Takeshi Hongo, an excellent scientist and auto racer college student, is captured by Shocker, an evil secret society that plans to conquer the world.
Focusing on Hongo's abilities, Shocker spent a week in the hideout transforming him into a remodeled human with grasshopper abilities.
However, Hongo escapes from the hideout with the help of his teacher, Dr. Midorikawa, who was helped by Shocker on the verge of brain remodeling.
After that, Hongo, who became a Kamen Rider, defeats the monsters sent by Shocker one after another.

Shocker heard by Takeshi Hongo.
It's an evil organization that is networked everywhere in the world.
For some reason, Takeshi Hongo was brought to a secluded secret base in Japan.
Shocker's aim is a terrifying organization that modifies humans from around the world and moves them at will to plan world uniforms.

What was amazing about this program is that there are usually scenes that use stuntmen, but the actors do this.
As a result, Hiroshi Fujioka, who played the role of Takeshi Hongo, sometimes suffered a motorcycle fall accident while shooting and was hospitalized for about half a year.

This Kamen Rider has been around for 50 years.
The series is still going on, and the actor who plays the main character is promised to become a star after that.

For that reason, Kamen Rider is a special effects hero that both adults and children are now crazy about.

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