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King of Japanese towels “Imabari Towel”

"Imabari towel" is the representative of "good towel", but what is "good towel" in the first place?
fluffy? Water absorption? Quick dry? Is it comfortable? All of that?
However, there are many types of towels.
Some towels are fluffy and some are smooth gauze towels. Is Imabari towel called "good towel" for all of them?

It is said that towels arrived in Japan from overseas in 1880, and towels began to be made in Japan around 1880.

However, Imabari at that time was still an area where only "cotton" was being made.
It is said that cotton cultivation began in the Imabari area from the Edo period, but even if we started making towels in Japan, Imabari did not make towels.
Imabari was working hard to make cotton as a raw material.

Such cotton making will decline once in the Meiji era when cheap cotton comes out in other areas.
Therefore, Shichisaburo Yano, who is called the "father of the Imabari cotton industry," worked hard and worked hard to devise a durable and warm cotton fabric "Iyo Nell" with fluff on only one side, and the textile industry will revive.

Then, about 20 years after the arrival of towels in Japan, in 1897, when Heisuke Abe remodeled the cotton flannel machine and started manufacturing towels, the "History of Imabari Towels" finally began.
When Tsunezaburo at the foot of the Meiji era devised a machine for weaving two rows of towels at the same time, productivity increased at once and the towel industry in Imabari became lively.

After that, the towel industry developed along with Imabari's towel production technology, such as incorporating jacquard weave and attaching patterns to towels, and it has taken root deeply as a local industry.

Even so, as the times progress, cheap towels begin to appear, and Imabari towels are weakened by being pushed by cheap items.
Meanwhile, Kashiwa Sato, who was shocked by the high quality of Imabari towels, started a project to regenerate Imabari towels, saying that he wanted to spread the goodness of Imabari towels, which is one of the best towels in the world.
This is the beginning of the "Imabari Towel Brand" with a white circle and the main line brand logo on a red background.

Commitment to water

It use a lot of water to make towels.
In particular, the texture changes depending on the quality of the water used for color dyeing.
It is said that soft water with less metal ions such as calcium and magnesium is suitable for towel production, but the river that flows through the Imabari towel production area is good quality water that meets this condition.
By using good quality natural water, it is possible to create a texture that is sometimes delicate and sometimes colorful.

Commitment to thread

Imabari towels are different from towels, which harden each time they are used.
We never pursue only appearance. Thoroughly stick to the material.
Imabari towels do not use highly twisted threads so that the roots of the threads do not get twisted and hardened after washing.
It is made with consideration for the earth for people so that we can use it safely, safely and comfortably in our daily lives, and not to put a burden on the environment.

Commitment to quality

The original water absorption and softness of cotton that can be utilized because the craftsmen involved in the manufacturing process pour their love into each thread.
It keeps its condition no matter how many times you wash it, and even if you don't use fabric softener containing oil when washing, you can feel the towel more comfortably.
Imabari towels are always so fluffy that if you use fabric softener, the quality will deteriorate.

5 second rule
To be certified as an Imabari towel brand, you must pass a rigorous quality test.
Among them, one of the characteristics of Imabari towel brand products is the 5-second rule that tests water absorption.
It takes less than 5 seconds for the towel to start sinking in the water.
It is defined as "a towel that absorbs water from the beginning without washing".
Immediate sinking means absorbing water quickly.
Wash your hands, play sports and sweat, wipe your body after taking a bath … Imabari Towel brand products that are gentle on the skin in any situation absorb moisture quickly.

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