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Wow What is this?

Knuckles figures are cool

The admission song for the Tokyo Olympics was really game music.

Sonic songs were also playing.
I didn't notice it at all.

Today I'm going to introduce a Knuckles figure.
Is it from the introduction of who the knuckles are?

Red echidna, one of the regular characters in the Sonic series and one of Sonic's rivals. However, in reality, they are often seen as bad friends rather than rivals by Sonic because of their fighting friendship.
He lives on the floating island "Angel Island", protecting a huge jewel called Master Emerald for no apparent reason.
It is the fate of the Knuckles, and he is now the only one who can control the Master Emerald.

Although it is a powerful character, it is introduced as a naughty character in anime.

He has a serious and serious personality, so he is easy to be fooled. He is also a treasure hunter and a martial arts user.

His Kobusi's power is so strong that his punches even crush rocks.

He also has special skills such as gliding and climbing a wall.

Sonic was also on sale at Nintendo Switch.

It is such a knuckles figure.
It's a rare product, so be quick.

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