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Wow What is this?

Let’s enjoy lunch with Pikachu!

Pikachu is a star in the world of Pokemon.
It is a character that has gained wide popularity from children to adults.

Naturally, many goods are sold.
Especially Pikachu has many cute goods.

First of all, this spoon.
A spoon for ramen. The name of "Rengage" is a special spoon for scooping ramen soup.
Usually it is as follows.

It is dry and tasteless, but it becomes cute when Pikachu is put in.

By the way, a simple spoon becomes cute with Pikachu.

Not only spoons, but also containers that make the shape of rice balls.

If you look at the introduction image of Amazon, it is very beautiful.
I think it's difficult, but please try making various Pikachu!

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