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Let’s enjoy the famous Japanese castle

Ueda Castle has become a plastic model.
Ueda Castle is a castle located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
It was built by Masayuki Sanada, a military commander during the Warring States period in Japan.

This castle is famous for not attracting Tokugawa's large army twice.
I will briefly introduce its history.

The first Ueda battle was held in 1585 (Tensho 13).
It begins with Ieyasu Tokugawa ordering the Sanada territory of Numata Castle (Gunma Prefecture) to be handed over to Hojo.
 Masayuki cuts his hand with Tokugawa and connects with Kagekatsu Uesugi to resist. Ieyasu sent about 7,000 soldiers to Mototada Torii and Tadayo Okubo to attack Ueda Castle.
 The Tokugawas attack the Ninomaru Gate, but Masayuki's skillful soldiers force him to retreat. Many soldiers were defeated by the pursuit of Nobuyuki Sanada (the son of Masayuki) of Toishi Castle, and the defeat of Tokugawa.

In 1600 (Keicho 5), the second Ueda battle, which can be said to be one of the local battles over the battle of Sekigahara.
There was a theory that even though 38,000 troops led by Hidetada Tokugawa rushed to Masayuki and Nobuyoshi (Yukimura) who were attached to the western army, they attacked the impregnable Ueda Castle and were late for the Battle of Sekigahara because they were nailed.
 Nowadays, before the full-scale offensive, Ieyasu sent a letter to Hidetada ordering Ueda, so the theory that Hidetada's army withdrew after a skirmish is predominant.
 In any case, the fact remains that Ueda Castle did not succumb to the two Tokugawa attacks.

The remains still remain, making it a famous tourist destination in Nagano Prefecture.
From a global perspective, it is a Japanese castle that is extremely minor, but the design of the castle was well thought out in Japan at that time, so please take a look.

If you can't see it, let's expand your imagination by looking at the plastic model.
I don't think I can express the excitement of actually seeing the castle someday.

Product specifications
The eastern koguchi turret gate of the famous Sengoku castle "Shinshu Ueda Castle" built by Masayuki Sanada.
Regarding the long-awaited resale, it is a set with Sanada helmet paper craft.
The north and south turrets reproduce the roof and board wall parts, including the shachi part, with precise modeling.
You can enjoy the scenery near the Higashi-koguchi Yaguramon of Ueda Castle, including the passage through the gate and the moat.
The roof, board walls, stone walls, etc. are color-coded according to the molding color, and you can get a beautiful finish just by assembling.
The water surface of the moat is reproduced with transparent parts, and you can reproduce the scene full of texture.

■ Plastic kit
■ Scale: 1/200
■ Overall height: Approximately 120mm

Please note.
It is shipped from Japan.
The link destination is Japanese.
Since the price is in Japanese yen, the price will change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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