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Mai Shiranui figures are cute

Mai Shiranui is a Kunoichi who inherits the Shiranui style ninjutsu, and uses a large fan as a weapon to create flames and fight depending on the technique.

The tactic is to "dance like a butterfly and stab like a bee".

It has appeared in the game from the very beginning.
And it is also in the latest version.

Andy, Mai Shiranui's lover, is also popular at KOF.
She relentlessly forces her to marry, but Andy thinks, "I'm immature and in training, and getting married is still early."

In an era when the number of female players in the game was still small, following Chun-Li in Capcom's fighting game "Street Fighter II", the appearance of Mai Shiranui became the deciding factor for the importance of one point in the game.

The cosplay costumes are also unique, and I am grateful that many female cosplayers challenged this overwhelming costume.

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