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Masterpiece game Metroid returns as “Metroid Dread” for the first time in 19 years

Watch the video below for the Metroid series.
Since it is Japanese, it is good to add subtitles.

This video explains the secret story behind the development of the Metroid series and its trajectory.

What kind of game is Metroid? The main character, bounty hunter (bounty hunter) Samus Aran, infiltrates enemy territory at the request of the Galactic Federation, solves mysteries while acquiring items for power-ups, and solves strong enemies. The main flow is to go to the target while defeating it.

Mr. Kiyotake, who designed the character of Super Mario, wondered why he had to avoid the enemy when playing Mario, and tried to make a game aimed at defeating the enemy, which seems to be the reason for the development of Metroid.
It seems that the first Metroid was developed for only three months, so you can see how amazing Nintendo was at that time.

So, this is the latest work to introduce this time.
The following is the actual play screen.

"Metroid Dread", which is scheduled to be released on October 8th as the latest work, will be released for the first time in 19 years as a completely new work in the series, and will be a brushed-up title for Switch.
In addition to focusing on the map function so that you can check the vast stage, it has also been announced that a summary of the story so far is included at the beginning of the game, so even if you are playing the "Metroid" series for the first time, this work is firmly done. You can enjoy the world of.
The "Metroid Prime 4" announced in 2017 seems to be still under development.

Originally, the fun of "Metroid" is to search for unknown planets and bases while the number of bullets and energy are limited, and when the number of bullets has decreased to some extent, we will proceed and recover.
You will be asked to choose between finding a spot or taking safety measures and returning, but this time there is the fear of proceeding (returning) and being chased so that it will not be found by EMMI.

In the first place, the reason why it took so long to develop was that there was a concept for 15 years, but I thought that this concept would not work with the technology and hardware performance at that time, so I started development. However, the developer says it stopped prematurely.

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