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Wow What is this?

My melody of Chogokin is cute.

Sanrio characters are generally cute.
In particular, My Melody was created in 1975 and is still a popular character.

Looking at her profile, she is a cheerful, younger brother, and the treasure is a cute hoodie made by her grandmother.
She likes to bake cookies with his mom, and his favorite food is almond pound cake.
I didn't know that I had a younger brother.

As it is the 45th anniversary, it seems that an event is being held at Sanrio's theme park, Puroland.

And this My Melody became a superalloy five years ago to commemorate the 40th anniversary.
Chogokin is a heavy toy made of zinc die-cast parts and ABS resin parts.

"My Melody also wants to become a superalloy on the 40th anniversary! Please!"
In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Sanrio character "My Melody", Chogokin has arrived!
It will be released on January 18, 2016, on My Melody's birthday!
Check out the appearance of My Melody unique to Chogokin, such as the transformation to space cruise mode and the launch gimmick of the punch, but I have never seen it sold.
I thought,I found it! Great EBAY!

Can be transformed into space cruise mode.
A visor appears when transformed!
You can run in both normal mode and space cruise mode!
Please can fire a punch. Heart fires!
Comes with a mini-figure of My Melody "Please ♪" The pose is cute!
Moreover, the reviews of enthusiasts are all excellent.

Very high alloy ratio and abundant gimmicks, solid and robust construction that even children can play.
Unlike Kitty, there is no surplus in any form.
There is nothing else that is reasonably sized and can be chilled and packed.

There are a lot of My Melody goods such as stuffed animals, stationery, daily necessities, miscellaneous goods, and personal items, and I have a certain number of them, but this is my favorite!

It is a small superalloy.
It is the best with a design that does not collapse in any way, such as standing and deformation.

I want this!

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