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Wow What is this?

Nyanko-sensei from “Natsume Yujincho” has become a T-shirt.

"Natsume Yujincho" is a very popular manga in Japan and is a big hit that has also become an anime.

Just in case, let me give you an overview of "Natsume Yujincho".
Natsume, a lonely boy who holds the secret that "youkai can be seen".
Ever since He got the "Friends Book", which is a relic of my grandmother Reiko who had a powerful magical power, He has been chased by youkai !!
Natsume, who has been busy every day …!?

A movie will be released soon.

When you look at Natsume Yujincho, your heart becomes beautiful.

By the way, Nyanko-sensei is a youkai in the shape of a cat that appears in the film.

Actually, this is just this figure because it uses the beckoning cat as a substitute.

The truth is that the giant beast is the true figure.
The name "Madara" is a very powerful youkai even in the works.

This Nyanko-sensei is a very popular character and has a lot of fans so far.
And a lot of goods are on sale.
It's said to be a ugly cat in the film, but I think it's cute.

By the way, that Nyanko-sensei has become a T-shirt.

Please get it and feel Nyanko-sensei closer to you.

Product introduction
The main design was Nyanko-sensei, who looks at the autumn leaves of the illustration drawn by "Natsume Yujincho POP UP SHOP in Loft" held at the Loft.
The layout is matched with the title and name of the work, and the coloring is based on the image of autumn leaves hunting.
With a long sleeve with a basic silhouette, it is a silhouette that can be used in any scene.
Please use it in various scenes, from daily use to one for special occasions such as events.

  • The product image is under supervision, so the design is subject to change. Please note.
  • Specifications such as product material, size, and country of origin are subject to change without notice.

Please note.
It is shipped from Japan.
The link destination is Japanese.
Since the price is in Japanese yen, the price will change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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