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One of the best Japanese anime movies, “Cagliostro’s Castle”

The world-famous phantom thief Lupine III steals a large sum of money from the vault of Monaco's state-owned casino, but realizes that it is a phantom counterfeit "goat note" known for its sophistication as if it were a genuine ticket.
Following the Lupine family's precepts of "Don't touch the fake," Lupine and Dimension, who threw away a wad of bills to scatter them, head for the Duchy of Cagliostro in Europe, which is suspected of being the source of the Goths.

Lupine III is the master of this work, the grandson of Arsene Lupine, also known as the phantom thief Lupine, and a world-class master of phantom thieves and disguise.

This movie is more than 40 years old, but it is still a masterpiece that has been handed down.
Lupine is such a famous character that there is nothing unknown in Japan, but he made his position immovable in this movie.

The music used in Lupine's anime and movies was composed by world-famous jazz pianist Yuji Ohno.

The music inserted in the movie is also highly complete, and the soundtrack is still a hit product.

Lupine is colored by many legends, but especially the work of Cagliostro's castle is a gem.
The last scene will be handed down forever.

Claris, the heroine of this work.
She is the princess of the Duchy of Cagliostro in Europe and the last princess of the Grand Duke.
The owner of the "Silver Goat Ring" that is handed down to the Grand Duke.

Claris wants to follow Lupine, but Lupine reminds him to stay with Claris despite the conflict.
When Zenigata, who chased Lupine, said that Lupine stole Claris's heart, Claris shined his face and answered "yes".
Lupine and Zenigata's cars disappeared to the horizon while being chased.

Such a masterpiece was released on DVD as a digitally remastered version.
Please take a look.

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