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Rent-A-Girlfriend’s Rubber Keychain is cute

"Kanojo, Okarishimasu" is a Japanese manga work by Reiji Miyajima.
The style is a romantic comedy, which is developed when the main character of a college student rents a heroine as a lover agency service.

You can see in 3 lines "Kanojo, Okarishimasu"
1:Use her rental in reaction to a broken heart!
2:What appeared there was a neat and ideal girlfriend with black hair!
3:Rental While spending time with her, I realize the true feeling that I can't rent …!

Synopsis of the work
Kazuya Kinoshita, a 20-year-old college student who attends a university in Tokyo.
After a year of ronin, he started his long-cherished campus life and at the same time succeeded in making her the first girlfriend in her life.
However, the rosy campus life ended with the words "I've made another person I like" from her then-girlfriend, Asami Nanami.
It ended in a dream of just one month.

Kazuya is depressed, saying, "It's all bad …".
He used the service "Rental Girlfriend" to rent her for salvation.
"You are Kazuya, right?" Chizuru Suwon, an overwhelming beautiful girl, called out to Kazuya at the meeting place.
Although she was a rental girlfriend who used it with a rough feeling, a life that was so exciting that Kazuya's life was shaken began.

This is Chizuru Suwon PV.
Appearance, personality, standing behavior, everything is good.
It is exactly the ideal Kazuya's girlfriend.
However, the reality is that she is a rental girlfriend whose mission is to provide as much fun time as she receives the money.
It's just a work relationship.

Asami Nanami

A girl who had a dating relationship with Kazuya for only one month.
You can get a fluffy impression, but it's surprisingly easy to say goodbye.
There is a small devilish side, such as witnessing a scene where you are getting along with the opposite sex immediately after breaking the relationship.

Ruka Sarashina

Anyway, she is an energetic and innocent girl.
The trademark is a large ribbon on the head.
She is a beautiful girl who can be surprised by her innocent smile, and when she walks next to her, she has the charm of being stared at by the envy.

Sakurazawa Sumi

It is a girl who is a junior at her rental office to which Chizuru Suwon belongs. A rental that entertains customers with talk.
She is extremely shy.
A rental relationship with Kazuya has begun as an exercise to improve communication skills.

By the way, it is the work scenery of the writer.
It's very much…. Draw a serialized manga every week.

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