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Sailor Moon figure is cute

Sailor Moon is the 25th anniversary.
Among them, the main character is Tsukino Usagi.
Tsukino is the main character and is in the second year of junior high school.
It features blonde twin shinyon hair with hanging hair tips.
Transform into Sailor Moon, a sailor suit of love and justice that protects the moon.

Her personality is clumsy, crying, and sick.
Every time the mother is raising her child, she is locked out of the house.
In addition, although there is a illustrious aspect of trying to speak quickly while standing in the corridor, he has a pure and gentle heart that makes friends with anyone. In the original, it seems to be a gorgeous face, and in the TV animation, the proportions that Fish Eye says are good, but it is a mediocre face

There is "Chiba Mamoru" as a lover.
A young man who turns into a tuxedo mask as a fateful lover of Tsukino Usagi. He helps the sailor warriors and always watches over Tsukino, who is destined to be strange.

By the way, the Sailor Warrior is unnaturally pinched only once a week, so he can always appear every week.
However, there are few depictions of fighting the enemy directly, and since he does not have purification skills, he mainly supports his role.
In many cases, they leave just by sending a disgusting line.
However, his appearance will surely solve the sailor warrior's pinch.
Sometimes the solution is forcible and the story is clearly unnatural, but the momentum that makes you think "Tuxedo Mask can't be helped" is also the charm of the old work.

However, when I look at it again, something is wrong.
It's funny from the appearance. The dialogue is also strange.
Mamoru himself in the old anime is a decent common sense person, but for some reason this happens when it comes to the Tuxedo Mask.

By the way, the special page for the 25th anniversary is as follows.

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