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Samurai Champloo is a rite of passage for anime otaku

A TV anime series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, who worked on "Cowboy Bebop".
Although it is set in Japan during the Edo period, as the name of Chanpuru suggests, it features a unique world view in which contemporary culture is mixed everywhere.
The characters speak Katakana ("byte", "model", etc.) and younger's words ("maji", "tari", etc.), and the young people with pierced hair and human beatboxers appear on the blonde, ignoring historical evidence.
The historical drama that was done is being developed.
According to Director Watanabe, this is a production to add fun and freshness to the work, and at the beginning of the first episode, a message was sent to the viewer, "Don't rattle. There is.

I remember that the opening song had a very good taste.

I remember that the insert song was also excellent.

The music incorporating Okinawan folk songs was also very good.

The story begins in Yokohama in the middle of the Edo period, when both samurai and commoners enjoyed the world of Taihei, long before the present day.
Fuu, a girl who is lonely in heaven, has been working a lot for information on "a samurai who smells sunflowers".
One day, she decides to go on a journey to find "a samurai who smells sunflowers" with two men, Mugen and Jin, who happened to meet each other as a bouncer.

The main character of this work. Estimated age 20 years.
male. A swordfighter from an isolated island, a penal colony in Ryukyu.
It features a sword on its back, standing on a unkempt head with a tropical appearance. She likes women, has a bad pattern, and has a lot of unmanned words and deeds, but she has amazing physical ability and intuition.

Another hero of this work.
Estimated age 20 years. male. With full hair, he puts big and small on the kimono and wears Date glasses. At one time, he was the most disciple of Enshiro Mariya, a swordsman of the schoolless sword style who disappeared without leaving a record in history, although he was extremely undefeated in all battles, but he became a wanderer after a certain incident.

The heroine of this work.
Estimated age 15 years. Woman.
She puts a hairpin on her tied hair and wears a pink kimono with a ribbon-like obijime tied in front of her.
She worked a lot of part-time jobs in search of clues to "a samurai who smells of sunflowers," but when he met Mugen and Jin, he set out on a journey with them as a bouncer.

The fusion of historical drama and hip-hop is one word that describes this work.

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