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Shenron figure is cool

The original purpose of Anime Dragon Ball was to collect 7 Dragon Balls and fulfill only one wish.
Any wish can be fulfilled, so it was the position of the main character, Son Goku, to fight against the villains over this.

Appears from the dragon ball of the earth with a shout of "Dede yo Shenron !! And grant your wishes !!".
In addition, it is possible to call even simple words such as "Shenron! Come out!", "Come on! Shenron!", And "Ideo Dragon!"

Basically, only one wish can be fulfilled, but a wish that exceeds the power of the Creator God cannot be fulfilled, and the same wish cannot be fulfilled again, so there is an experience of being revived by Shenron in the past.
It is impossible to revive a person again.
When reviving the dead, it is possible to revive a large number of people at once, but those who have been dead for more than a year cannot be revived, and natural deaths such as lifespan are not subject to revival. ..

By the way, Planet Namek also has a dragon ball, which is stronger than that of the earth.
Although it is named Polunga instead of Shenron, it is the Planet Namek Shenron, which is several times larger than the Earth Shenron.
Its name means the god of dreams in Namek.
Regarding the origin of the name, Toriyama, the original author, said, "I don't remember, but I think it's a perfectly appropriate name."

At first, Dragon Ball was a precious existence, but as Goku and others surpass the power of Shinryu, its significance of existence diminishes.
At the end, it feels like a tool to revive the dead.

However, if there is a Shenron at home, it seems that there is no wish.

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