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Snake figure is cool

The legendary game "Metal Gear Solid", which probably won't make a sequel anymore.
The main character, Snake, has become a figure.
However, it's a long time ago game, so some people may not know Snake.

Solid Snake (English: Solid = Snake) is the most representative hero of the Metal Gear series and is an iconic character of the series.
A professional infiltration work created as the strongest soldier in the "Dreadful Children (Les Enphantos Telebreth)" project using the gene of the legendary soldier Big Boss, and depending on the work, "Legendary" Sometimes called "hero" or "man who makes the impossible possible".

4th in the "Most Famous Game Character Ranking in Game History" in Guinness and 10th in the "World's Most Influential Game Character Ranking" in the famous American news magazine "TIME" It is ranked in.

He is fluent in six languages and has an IQ of 180.
He has been an expert in paratroopers, scuba diving and free climbing since the Green Beret era, and has mastered the handling of many firearms and weapons.
Moreover, he is also good at hand-to-hand combat.
He is a hero image that can be said to be a saint in a sense that he has many properties that should not be necessary as a warrior, such as weakness and kindness compared to other snakes, and can not be thrown away to the end.
Realist and calm, tending to be a little self-punishing.
In particular, he feels a lot of stress in unilateral killings and prefers duels.

Famous lines
"It's more about remorse than regret. Regret makes people negative."
"I'll tell you the answer if I can meet you alive!"
"Don't believe in words. Believe in the meaning of words."
"Creating the future is the same as telling the past."
"I'm not a hero. I've been and will be."

Since Metal Gear Solid aims to complete missions without being found by the enemy, a tool to hide himself is also an important companion to him.

In particular, cardboard is very famous, and people of the Snake clan are famous for their love for cardboard for generations.
Seeing Naked Snake happily wearing cardboard is probably like an instinct planted in the gene itself.

Please be assured that the figures introduced this time also come with cardboard properly!

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