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Something strange about the samurai miniature

What is a samurai is the name of a government official in Japan from ancient times to the Middle Ages.
The samurai you imagine are strong people who wield swords, but in reality they consisted of two levels: military aristocrats and general samurai.
Gradually, it often refers to "samurai" who are skilled officials whose work is martial arts.

Samurai martial arts are horses, swords, bows, and guns.
In particular, horse-riding warriors are required to have the skill to shoot a bow from above the horse.
It's a technology that has been passed down to modern Yabusame.

It's easy to see in the video, but since it's heavily armed and assaults, I think that the existence of a cavalry warrior was only a horror if you try to make it lighter.
Japanese horses are small, but they are sturdy, and even with people on board, they can reach a speed of about 50 kilometers.

Although these samurai warriors, it was until the Warring States period that they refined their martial arts.
After that, nearly 200 years of peace will come.

Living in a house like the one above, the samurai changed from a fighting group to a bureaucratic group.

It never actually worked like this.
So the miniatures I will introduce this time are samurai from the Kamakura period.

There is also a theory that the samurai of the Kamakura period were the strongest in Japanese history.
Please decorate and play!

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