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“SPY x FAMILY” is a big hit in Japan

"SPY x FAMILY" is a Japanese manga by Tatsuya Endo. "Shonen Jump +" (Shueisha, hereafter "J +") is being serialized every other Monday from March 25, 2019.
A home comedy in which a spy man, a killer woman, and a supernatural girl who were red strangers build a "temporary first family" and struggle with daily troubles to lead a "normal daily life as a family".

“Twilight” Loid Forger
The main character of this work.
A talented spy from the western organization WISE, which provides intelligence in the eastern country.
is a code name, and my real name was thrown away when I became a spy. In the profile on the back of the cover, all personal information such as birthplace and age is blacked out.
Good at disguise. The operation uses the camouflaged status of the psychiatrist "Lloyd Forger" who works at Berlint General Hospital.

"Princess Ibara" Yor Forger / Yor Briar
Female clerk at Berlint City Hall.
The back face is a great hitman. 27 years old.
He lost his parents in his childhood and raised his younger brother Yuri as a hitman .
Received instructions from a person named "Store Manager" and assassinated the "Seller".
Although it surpasses twilight in pure combat power and physical ability, it has a natural personality and may fall into a strange delusion, and is not good at psychological bargaining such as being bad at lying.
He has a bad habit of drinking, and even a small amount of alcohol makes him unconscious.

“Subject 007” Anya Forger
A supernatural girl who can read the hearts of others.
Estimated to be 4 or 5 years old, but claims to be 6 years old to meet the admission requirements of Eden.
It was created as an experimental body "Subject 007" of a certain organization, but escaped due to disgust in the life of "studying". After that, he called himself "Anya" and changed facilities and foster parents while hiding his abilities. Interested in the nature of the twilight who visited the orphanage in search of an adopted child on a mission, he became his adopted daughter.

Bond Forger
A dog with the ability to predict the future.
Forger family pet. Named by Anya from Bondman, the main character of "SPYWARS".
A large dog that can run with Anya on its back.
Created by the project Apple, it has long been treated as an experimental animal. The breed of dog is uncertain, but the author says that he draws it with reference to the Great Pyrenees.

This work is also rumored to be animated.
I think it's worth reading from now on.
However, manga is still in the process of being published, so let's put up with goods for now.

You can see the work from the link below.

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