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Street Fighter series legend Chun-Li’s figure is amazing

Chun-Li is a female character who stands at the top of fighting games.
She was born on March 1, 1968, so she's about 50 years old …
Since I was a kid, Chun-Li has been overwhelmingly popular, and it is a character that is easy to use as a game, and I remember that people who are strong in fighting games have used it quite a bit.

A summary of her profile.
A fighter representing China.
Interpol's detective (drug investigator), a full-time investigator for the criminal organization "Shadaloo" headed by Vega, and an international civil servant. While chasing the mysterious disappeared father, she carries out the mission of investigating Shadaloo.
After the destruction of Shadaloo, she quit the detective and temporarily retired from the battlefield, but at one point there were a series of incidents in which fighters disappeared all over the world, and because she felt the existence of Shadaloo that should have collapsed behind it, she fought.
Return to the field.
After that, he lived a peaceful life for several years, but when the student who was teaching in the Kung Fu classroom went missing, she started street fighting again.

Chun-Li in the "Street II" series is depicted as a strong and proud personality, but through the "ZERO" series, the character of a woman with a solid core was established, and "Street Fighter" in her 30s In "III 3rd STRIKE" (hereinafter referred to as "Street Fighter III 3rd"), She appears as an adult woman with a calm atmosphere.
Regardless of age setting, She also has the side of jumping up and frolicking after victory.
In the works after "ZERO", which emphasizes the criminal aspect, a resolute attitude that does not allow crime can be seen.
She has been a big Bruce Lee fan since she was a child and has his poster in the room.

Hyakuri Kick is her typical special move.
It's a good technique because even beginners can easily serve.

Spinning bird kicks are also famous.
It's easy to use because the technique starts invincible time.

Her latest figure has arrived.
Somehow her legs are really thick, but it might be so thick if she uses a lot of kicks.

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