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Wow What is this?

Street fighter2 is so nostalgic that I can cry

Please watch this video first.

It appeared as an arcade game in 1991 and recorded an explosive hit, but I played it to death when I was a kid.

When I was playing on YOUTUBE, I found a nostalgic video and involuntarily forgot the time and remembered the street fighter.

I found an interesting video in that situation, so I will introduce it.
First, the history of the evolution of Street Fighter.

This is a collaboration project between Street Fighter II and TOYOTA.

This is supposed to have never happened Live-action Street Fighter 2.
STREET FIGHTER REAL BATTLE ON FILM: Released at Sega Saturn under the title MOVIE BATTLE.

This is a TV commercial that was being broadcast in Japan at that time.
I feel that Capcom had a lot of momentum around this time.

And it became an anime movie.
I think this video is valuable because the talent who was the voice actor of Ken at that time was caught by fraud or something and could not be broadcast anymore.

Finally, please be healed by game music.

Recent games are all open world games, and I feel that the number of fighting games like this has decreased.
In the past, there were many challenging games.
I hear that the hardware has become expensive, and the production cost of the corresponding games has also increased, resulting in an environment where it is difficult to take on challenges.


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