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Tatsumaki’s figure is highly reproducible

Tatsumaki is one of the heroes belonging to the Hero Association and one of the highest strength S-class heroes, and the hero rank is second in the S-class.

A hero girl with a childlike body that is about half that of Saitama, a natural perm with curled hair, and a black slit skirt.
She is often seen as an age-appropriate girl because of her appearance and the selfishness described below, but she is 28 years old.
She is also Fubuki's sister, who is number one in the B class.

Although she is Fubuki's older sister, Tatsumaki herself cherishes her sister and has always helped Fubuki, who has been bullied since childhood.
However, her younger sister hates her inwardly because of her annoyance that is always associated with her and her supernatural powers that are far stronger than herself. is doing.
She also seems to be traumatized by Fubuki.

To describe her in one word, she is arrogant and overwhelming.
She is arguably the top-class and hard-to-reach S-class hero with a strong personality, has a tough personality, and is an extremely unilateralist, with no cooperation or cooperation with other heroes.

I don't know why she's so popular, but she's so popular.
I prefer her sister.

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