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The anime that hit in Japan, Molcar, is cute

For those who don't know, I'll give you a brief explanation.
Stop-motion animation broadcast from January to March 2021 in the short animation broadcast frame "Kinder TV" of TV TOKYO.
"A work in which a guinea pig becomes a car and makes an outstanding performance."

In the world where guinea pigs become cars, the everyday life of guinea pigs and human beings is drawn while taking up the problems of the world that are also connected to the real world with a loose taste.

What's wrong with his idea of the world where guinea pigs became cars?
And the viewer will know how cruel humans are.
In Japan, there is a tendency that "stupid people who tease Molcar should be destroyed."

The puppets that appear are made of wool felt.
It is produced by so-called time-lapse (stop motion animation), and the molcar is a puppet, the human character is a doll in the pulling scene, and the up (inside the car) is a live-action film.

And what spurred the excitement on SNS was the detailed gimmicks that were added throughout the video.
For example, the announcement of the 6th episode "Zombies and Lunch" shocked the human beings in the world of Molcar suddenly transformed into zombies, but in fact, if you look closely at the 5th episode "Pui Pui Racing", the venue is already there.
It turns out that some zombies were mixed in with the audience.
In addition, in episode 5, it was discovered that there were posters in the audience seats that were parodies of actual movies such as "AKIRA" and "Transformers," and it became a hot topic that "the details were too detailed!"

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