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Wow What is this?

The collaboration between Rilakkuma and sushi is unpleasant but cute

Rilakkuma is one of Japan's leading characters and is mainly supported by young women.

I think that the feeling of not being rugged is the reason why it is gaining support.
The official profile of Rilakkuma looks like this:

A bear in a costume who suddenly stays at the office lady Kaoru's house and continues to be indebted.
It is unknown who is inside. He seems to be, but it's not particularly useful, and he's messing around every day.
Rilakkuma's primary concern seems to be daily meals and snacks.

I want you to feel the fear of the costume.
Rumor has it that the contents are Middle-aged man.
My heart is throbbing when I think that the Middle-aged man in the costume is living in the office lady's room.

The other is Korilakkuma.

A white bear cub that came out of nowhere.
He didn't know Rilakkuma, but he has a red button on his chest, so it doesn't look like a real bear.
The name Korilakkuma is Kiiroitori.
It's a cheerful and naughty girl who loves mischief.

What's scary is that you're neither a real bear nor an acquaintance with Rilakkuma.
I don't know why I'm always with Rilakkuma, and the fact that it's not a real bear makes me even more scared.

The only decent one is Kiiroitori.
A yellow bird that was kept by Kaoru before the Rilakkumas arrived. I used to be in a bird cage, but now I'm coming out on my own, and every day I'm being scolded for sloppy Rilakkuma and mischievous Korilakkuma.
However, since the name of the bird is Kiiroitori, I think I wanted a little more ingenuity in naming it.

The Chai Roy Cogma is a real bear.
This bear is a friend of Korilakkuma who lives in the honey forest.
It's a decent bear, with bushy chest hair and a fluff when you open your mouth. The soles of his feet are bear-shaped and have a sweet honey scent from his body. And his ass has honey on it.

Because it is a wild bear, when it grows up, Rilakkuma and others are likely to be in danger of life.

Looking at the settings, I feel like it's full of madness, but for some reason it's popular with Japanese girls.

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