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The cute witch Ireina has become a figure

The anime "Wandering Witches" where the main character is just cute.
This main character, Ireina, has become a figure.

What kind of story is "Wandering Witches"?

Ireina is a girl with gray hair and lapis lazuli eyes.
Ireina has loved reading books since she was a child, and especially longing for the adventure story "Nike's Adventure Tan", she dreamed of traveling around the world.
Ireina begins her efforts to become a witch with her parents' words that she can adventure when she becomes a witch.
Ireina is the youngest to reach a witch apprenticeship.
She also becomes the highest-ranked "witch" a year later.

However, probably because of his talent, Ireina is very confident and arrogant.
There are many "yes, I am" syntaxes in my diary that praise my beauty and ability.
She is very curious, but he often takes careless actions and gets into trouble.
It's a story about Ireina, who may or may not solve various incidents while traveling.

What is Ireina's cute charm?
It is rich in appearance and expression.
Simply, Ireina is just a beautiful girl obediently.
You can also see her getting in shape.
Moreover, she is expressive and it is very attractive that she feels that she is enjoying her life.

Her charm is that she is a waste of her personality.
She is a terrible woman who is dirty with money, wants to take a mount, and complains about her hunger.

When she was still an apprentice, she took an arrogant attitude, saying, "The other students were so weak … it's only a matter of time before I could become a witch!"

What's more, she even commits fraud when she's in trouble with money while traveling.
For example, she tricks a fortune-teller into fortune-telling, or sells just a sign or a flower at a high price, saying that it is "magical."

But she is kind.
In fact, Ireina is extremely kind and sweet to girls.
That is also the charm of this work.

Product specifications
Who is that pretty girl who is both a witch and a traveler?
――Yes, I am.
"Whenever you really accomplish something, you are lonely."
From the TV anime "Wandering Witches", Ireina, a genius beautiful girl who got the title of the highest rank "witch" of a witch at the age of 15, has become a 1/7 scale figure.
The three-dimensional figure based on the teaser visual of the TV anime has carefully modeled small items such as bags and magic brooms, as well as the characteristic gray hair flow, popping smile, costume modeling and coloring.

■ PVC painted finished product
■ Size: Height approx. 220mm
■ Material: PVC, ABS
■ Prototype production: Riku Kurokawa
■ Color production: 920-3

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It is shipped from Japan.
The link destination is Japanese.
Since the price is in Japanese yen, the price will change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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