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The decisive skill of sumo wrestler became a towel

Sumo is one of the traditional Japanese cultures.

Sumo is an ancient Japanese Shinto ritual or festival in which wrestlers fight together on a ring, and at the same time, it is one of the martial arts and martial arts that originated from it.
Sumo is being held as a box office.

Sumo is said to have started before ancient times, and during the Edo period it became a popular pastime for the common people.

The strongest sumo wrestler is Raiden Tameemon.
He has been active for 21 years, and is considered to be the most powerful sumo wrestler in the history of sumo wrestling with a total of 10 black stars and a winning percentage of .962 in 36 places enrolled in Edo Honbasho (27 places in Ozeki).

This video is the rule of sumo
Forty-eight hands is a decisive technique in sumo wrestling, and its name has been seen since the Muromachi period. In ancient Japan, 48 was used as "a lot of auspicious numbers".

Sumo is a sport, so there are rules.
The forbidden moves stipulated in the sumo rules are as follows, and if you use a forbidden move, you will lose the foul.

Hit with a fist.
Grab your hair.
Poke the key points such as eyes or pigeon tail.
Stretch both ears with both hands at the same time.
Grab the front sword and pull it with your finger from the side.
Grab your throat.
Kick your chest and belly.
Folding one or two fingers.

Follow the rules and enjoy sumo.

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