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The figure of “Jujutsu Kaisen” is cute

"Jujutsu Kaisen" is a manga that is a big hit in Japan, and anime is also in great shape.
Japan is enthusiastic about the breakthrough that it will be made into a movie.

It may be a little spoiler, but I will introduce what it is like in the first place.

Yuji Itadori, a high school student whose motor nerves are far from ordinary people, took seriously the will of his grandfather, who was his parent, "You are strong, so help others."

A young man named Megumi Fushiguro appears there and tells Yuji to return the finger of the evil curse king, Ryomen Sukuna.
However, Yuji had given the spell to his occult-loving senior.
Fushiguro goes to school to collect the curse, but the curse of the curse has already been lifted, and the school is full of curses swarming on the "Sukuna" fingers.

Fushiguro is forced to struggle. Yuji who rushed there heard the fact that "only the curse can defeat the curse" to Fushiguro, and succeeded in getting out of the crisis by swallowing the finger of "Sukuna" and becoming a curse himself.

The strongest curse, Gojo Satoru, the strongest witch doctor, says that Yuji, who has become "Sukuna", has two options.
It is either "die now" or "swallow all 20" Sukuna "fingers before dying".
With his grandfather's will in mind, Yuji decided to take heart with the strongest curse.

It's just technical terms right away.
Simply put, it is a battle manga that uses magic.
A person's curse becomes like a grudge, or a human with a curse exerts a power called magic to fight a grudge.
The power of the curse is called the curse power, and the higher the curse power, the stronger it is.
The strength of the magical power is expressed in grades in the order of 4th grade, 3rd grade, 2nd grade, 1st grade, and special grade.

The battle scene looks like this.

Introducing the characters and characters of "Jujutsu Kaisen".

Yuji Itadori
The main character is from Sendai, a first-year high school student. Physical strength is tremendous.
You can make friends right away.
Originally an ordinary high school student, by incorporating the finger of the inn, he began attending the magic college in Tokyo. Its Special Moves are "Diameter Fist" and "Black Flash". He dose not have a technique, but Dr. Gojo says, "The technique of lodging will be engraved in the future."
The skill of human bullet battle is top class even in the current character.

Megumi Fushiguro
An elite who entered as a second-class surgeon.
It will be a chance to scout a tiger cane.
The technique takes out the shikigami from the shadow. Shikigami are "Ezo", "Nue", "Big Snake", "Manzo" and so on.
It is said to be a "convenient technique" from the inn.
It's not impossible to fight with human bullets, but it's weaker than tiger canes.
Contrary to the tiger cane, which has lost his mother and helps anyone
The motto is "helping unequally" to help people who are worth helping.

Nobara Kugisaki
She came to Jujutsu College from Aomori prefecture.
The only girl in the first grade.
She came to Jujutsu College because She didn't like the countryside and wanted to come to Tokyo.
The technique is a straw doll.
When she drive a nail into a part of the opponent (arm, hair) from the top of the straw doll,
The magical power flows from the inside of the body.
It is also possible to fly the nail directly from the mallet.
She has a very bad mouth, but he regrets the death of Yuji She just met.

Gojo Satoru
A teacher at the College of Magic.
It has the strongest ability in the work.
He usually wear a blindfold, but He remove it in battle.
The real face is handsome.
The technique is "unlimited magic" that manipulates infinity.
Bohemian personality.
The purpose is "to bring up strong and wise friends".

Please watch the anime for the time being!

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