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The figure of Saint Seiya is cool

It's not very popular, but you can see Saint Seiya on Netflix.
The main character is Seiya of the Tenma constellation.
Pegasus Meteor Fist is a special move, but it is a fist with a speed of sound of 100 or more per second.
About 40 years ago, it was serialized in Jump, but when it became an anime, it recorded an explosive hit.
In addition, a figure will appear to firmly grasp the boy's heart.
At that time, boys from all over Japan imitated Saint Seiya.

By the way, this cartoon has an ancient Greek motif.
However, the only thing that is relevant is the part that goes to Greece and trains.
After that, characters related to the constellations will appear, and it is an easy-to-understand story that they will defeat the enemy with a special move using the name of the constellation.

The theme song was also wonderful.
It is still sung by geek.

Introducing this time is a figure with removable armor.
The armor that you take off can be shaped like a Pegasus, which is the same specification as the original figure.

You can't do a special move after you grow up, but why not try reproducing it with a figure?

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