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The game I was enthusiastic about;Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4

When I was cleaning up my house while I was moving, a really nostalgic game came out.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4.
In a game set in China 1800 years ago, the goal is to choose one of the powers to conquer China.

There are 14 series of games in this series so far, but the basic content is the same.

① Since it is based on historical facts, it will be fun to study history.
② By gathering human resources, defeat other forces.
③ By increasing national power, we will hire many soldiers and defeat the enemy.
④ You can fight to overcome the difference in troop strength by using tactics and strategies.

In addition, this Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 is a one-on-one fight, and the game of the battle may be decided.

This single combat is interesting.
Lu Bu is the strongest in the world of the Three Kingdoms, and although it has an armed force of 100, there is an anecdote that it was actually set to 110.

Human resources have special skills in addition to ability scores.

Also, by making full use of domestic affairs and diplomacy, you can advance the battle with the enemy in an advantageous way.

The interesting thing about this game is that you can create your own characters.
You can play with your own name and various abilities.

Also, the BGM of the Sangokushi game is wonderful.
This is the BGM when I became an emperor.

It's a popular Sangokushi in Japan, but it's not good overseas.
The Japanese may like domestic affairs and may not be very keen on fighting.

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