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Wow What is this?

The Japanese baseball team mascot is cute

Even a Japanese baseball team is a small story in the world. However, because it is a Japanese baseball team, I have made the mascot character cute.

This doll is based on the traditional Japanese game, "Otetama".
Please see the video below for what kind of play "Otetama" is。

By the way, the names of these characters are Toluky and Lucky, but they are characters of the team called Hanshin Tigers. "TORA" in Japanese is "tiger" in English, so the name comes from there.

The Hanshin Tigers team is a very old team.
It was founded in 1934 and continues to this day.
It is the second oldest baseball team in Japan after the Yomiuri Giants.
It's a very popular baseball team in Japan, and it's similar to the Red Sox in the US.

Below is a video of the Tigers Batters.

It is an introduction of the mascot Toluky.

Toluky from Hanshin Koshien Stadium!
Lucky friends. He is mischievous and has a friendly personality.
It's a bit of a chore, but he's a hard worker.
It seems that 1985 was the year of birth, and in fact, he is a pretty old man.

Actually, it looks like this.

This mascot beanbag. Is not it cute.

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