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The monokuma doll is cute

Danganronpa is very popular all over the world, but last year was the 10th anniversary.
I did not know.

The Monokuma introduced this time is the signboard character of this work that appears throughout the series, and the mastermind of "Colosseum Life".
A moving stuffed animal in the shape of a bear whose body color is divided into black and white with the median line as the boundary.
The white half on the right has a lovely appearance, while the black half on the left has red eyes and an evil smile.
The first person is "I" and uses childish words and deeds, but the students are called "Omaera" and are exposed to harsh words.
He had a habit of saying, "It's exciting, isn't it!" And "Extreme !!", but the frequency of remarks is gradually decreasing.

Monokuma has a built-in bomb in its body, and even if it self-destructs, a spare appears immediately, and there are many depictions that make you think that it is moving by mechanical means.

Recently, the voice actor has changed.

Previously, it was Nobuyo Oyama, who was the voice actor for Doraemon, a Japanese national anime.

So, what changed to this is TARAKO, who is also the role of Maruko in the national anime Chibi Maruko-chan.

Danganronpa has also passed ten years.
I feel the flow of time is fast.

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