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Wow What is this?

The overlord albedo was wrapped in a wedding dress.

The outline of the overload is as follows
In the real world, he was a salaryman named "Satoru Suzuki", but he still has the avatar "Death Ruler (Overlord)" created by the explosively popular DMMO-RPG "Yggdrasil". The entire guild base, including NPCs, has moved to a different world.
The story begins from there.

Albedo is a character and main heroine of Maruyama Kugane's novel and the anime "Overlord" based on it.

She ranks third in combat power, behind Chartia and Mare, alongside Sebas and Cocytus.
She has a great deal of loyalty and affection for Ains and is willing to commit suicide if he so desires.
Her ability is also suitable for the position of guardian supervision, and she is extremely excellent in wisdom and fighting ability.

However, when it comes to her husband (Ains), she suddenly becomes useless, and she gets into her world with a sweet sigh and becomes useless.
There is no cunning and brutal side to it, and although she is smart, she loses all attention to anything other than Ains, and after a runaway, the story is waiting for her.

She has been disciplined for three days because of it.

Such albedo rival is Chartia.

She's not as crazy as she's crazy, but she's basically proud that she's an overwhelmingly strong and superior person, so she looks down on her opponent and enjoys pleasure, and as a result, she runs the risk of making a mistake.

When she is exposed to blood, she loses her judgment ability due to the activation of the skill "Blood Frenzy" and is trapped in the murder impulsivity.
She is treated by other guardians as "because it's Chartia", but usually she patrols the hierarchy, gathers the opinions of the territory guardians, checks the security status, and loyalty unlike any bad dog.
In addition, the bad dog is albedo.

Oops, I have to talk about albedo.

From the worst dark fantasy "Overlord", Albedo in a beautiful wedding dress is made into a figure limited to 10,000 bodies worldwide!

The albedo, which is three-dimensionalized based on the illustration specially drawn for the figure, expresses the delicate pattern of the dress by modeling.
The dress and hair are made of clear material, and you can enjoy the beautiful and transparent gradation with the brilliance of the lace with pearl coating.
The chest expresses the sheer feeling of the skin and is finished sexy.
The smile that looks back at the bouquet is the supreme beauty full of love for Ainz.

Please invite a happy albedo with a limited number of brides (delusions).

  • Reservations will end when the specified number is reached.

For reservation
November 6, 2020 (Friday) 10:00 to December 15, 2020 (Tuesday) 23:59
This item is limited to 10,000 units worldwide.
The deadline is when the specified number of orders from each distribution including F: NEX is reached.
We will sell up to 3 per person.
We may cancel orders that exceed the maximum number.
If there are a large number of orders even within the order period, sales may end. Thank you for your understanding.
This product cannot be bundled with other products due to shipping reasons.
The release date of this product may change depending on the number of orders and production status.
Even if the release date is changed, we cannot accept cancellation.
We cannot accept cancellations due to customer convenience.

Title of work: Overlord III
Name: Albedo -Wedding Dress-1 / 7 Scale Figure
Price: 23,400 yen (excluding tax)
Target age: 15 years old and over
Material: PVC, ABS, iron
Overall height: Approximately 250 mm
Prototype: Moinault
Coloring: Hinoki cypress
Shooting cooperation: Yohei Kodama
Publisher / Distributor: FuRyu Co., Ltd.

(C) Maruyama Kugane / KADOKAWA / Overload 3 Production Committee

Please note.
It is shipped from Japan.
The link destination is Japanese.
Since the price is in Japanese yen, the price will change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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