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Wow What is this?

The panda’s chopstick rest is cute and irresistible.

The panda is cute, isn't it?

It's cute, but pandas are bears, aren't they?
Old Chinese records mention pandas as "polar bears."
However, little was known about its existence in general.
Also, a few people who lived near panda habitats knew pandas, but thought they were just a kind of bear.

The hometown of pandas is an alpine region centered on the northwestern part of Sichuan Province in China, and extends to the southern part of Shaanxi Province and the southern part of Gansu Province.
It mainly inhabits humid bamboo grove from 1800m to 3200m above sea level and forest where coniferous and deciduous broad-leaved trees are mixed and thick.

Both males and females usually live alone.
It doesn't get winter like a bear. The average range of activity is 5km2, but it does not have territory.
They rarely walk more than 500m a day, sleep for 10 to 16 hours, and eat the rest of the time.
When walking in the area of activity, always choose the same path.

Certainly, when I went to the zoo a long time ago, there was a panda sleeping curled up in one corner.
I thought I was lazy because pandas don't move because I want to wait, but now I don't move like pandas either.。

Well, it's a chopstick rest, but it doesn't make sense without chopsticks.
A chopstick rest is used to prevent the chopsticks from rolling or the part that comes into contact with food from coming into contact with other objects.

However, this panda's chopstick rest is cute just by decorating it without chopsticks.

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