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Wow What is this?

The rilakkuma bowl is so cute!

I finally got the Rilakkuma bowl.
Did you think of a cute person who is happy with a simple bowl?
It's not just a bowl.
It's a Rilakkuma face.

e? Don't you know Rilakkuma?
Let's give a brief introduction to such a person.

I will quote from the official profile.

A bear in a costume that has been indebted to Kaoru, an office lady, who has been taking care of her.
It is unknown who is inside. It's probably not, but it's not particularly useful, and I'm lazy every day.
Rilakkuma's main concern seems to be daily meals and snacks.

It's a ridiculous setting. Because it's a costume?
The contents may be old man.
It's just scary anymore.
Sometimes my back zipper is open, but something with a polka dot pattern is protruding.
The identity is secret, but I try not to think deeply.

And I'm not sure if it's my buddy, but it's a small one for the time being.

A white bear cub that came from nowhere.
He didn't seem to know Rilakkuma, but he has a red button on his chest, so it doesn't look like a real bear.
The name Kyorilakkuma is Kiiroitori.
It is a cheerful and naughty girl who loves mischief.

This is also not a real bear.
I think Kaoru is a great person who puts such things in his house.
A video also appeared on Netflix.

Actually, I didn't just get the bowl.
I also got a stuffed animal.

It's big.
This is Rilakkuma.

This is Korilakkuma.

In Japan, there are many people who are addicted to Rilakkuma.
I hope it will spread all over the world.

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