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The weapons of the old Japanese police were amazing

The person who appears in the video is Heiji Zengata.
He is an unofficial collaborator who was responsible for the end of the police function in the Edo period.
He was not a regular member of the magistrate's office and had no salary or appointment, but he received pocket money from an official.
Meals and snacks for Okabiki are always prepared in the official mansion, and it seems that they could eat there at any time.

Since the punishment in the Edo period was based on expulsion from the community, a community of criminals who were exiled from the community was formed outside the official community such as towns and villages, and those who were familiar with the internal society.
The investigation itself would have been difficult without the use of, so people like them were used to maintain security.

What they used as a substitute for their own identification is the "Jitte" introduced this time.
I put it in a bag called ten gloves and put it in my pocket. This was important because Jitte was a catcher and at the same time proved your identity.
Only officials can have ten moves.

Although it is TV and movies to confront a criminal who wields a weapon like a Japanese sword, it is actually impossible.
If a strong samurai swings a large sword with a total length of 1 meter, a 40-centimeter horizontal bar (Jitte) is completely meaningless.

What was for it is now a police notebook.

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