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Wow What is this?

There is a game to solve the lack of exercise

Recently, I haven't gone out at all, so I've gained weight.
But the corona is so widespread that I can't go outside.
Even if I try to train at home, there is no place, and above all, it doesn't last.

When I was wondering what to do, there was something that could solve the lack of exercise while playing the game.

Cute actresses do it easily in commercials, but when you actually try it, it's hard enough to sweat.

Not only muscle training but also aerobic exercise is incorporated, so it is difficult to clear one stage at first.
Well, there are times when I'm too lacking in exercise.

There is a boss in each stage, and I confront this boss, but just defeating one boss makes me quite fluffy.
Each time you clear it, a new technique or training type will appear.
You can also customize the content yourself, so you can train for yourself.

It's perfect for solving lack of exercise!

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