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Wow What is this?

This is the new standard of Japanese souvenirs!

Hello everyone! If you've never been to Japan, is Japan a ninja? sushi? Or is it tea? It's already a classic. By the way, do you know what the object is in the photo? It's a new standard souvenir from Japan.

This is Kabukiage, a rice cracker. Rice cracker is a sweet that has been around for a long time in Japan. It is a classic that is hard and tastes soy sauce.

This Kabukiage is hard and not soy sauce flavored. Thick, crisp texture. It goes well with alcohol, but especially with beer. In Japan, many people eat it as a snack of sake.

Please see the impressions of those who actually ate.

And some videos just eat. Please listen to the sound.

We enjoy many arrangements in Japan.

Some people eat it in Ramen …

Everyone, please try various ways of eating. Of course it is delicious to eat as it is.

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