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Thomas the Tank Engine Plarail is popular

Thomas the Tank Engine is a very popular character all over the world.
Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy made Plarail

In fact, Tommy is making more and more Plarail characters that appear in Thomas.

Plarail is a railway toy sold and sold by TAKARATOMY.
Sister products include Tomica, an automobile toy, and Capsule Plarail, a small version of Plarail (released by Takara Tomy Arts).
The basic configuration of the product is a 3-car train that runs on blue plastic rails with a single AA or AA battery. However, there are some that do not apply to the 3-car train.
It is mainly made for "children up to 15 years old who like railroads", but due to the long production period, there are many adult fans, and a garage kit that commercializes a maniac car model that is not on the market Has also been released.

For the time being, this is the opening of the Japanese version of the TV program.

Plarail is a toy that children and adults can immerse themselves in Japan.
The target is children, but it seems that people who like railways are quite addicted to it.
Let's challenge.
I'm sure your child will be happy.

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