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Wow What is this?

Tissue with a cute design that is wasteful to use

What do you think this is?

Actually it's a tissue.
In Japan, there are many tissues printed with popular characters.
Most of them are pocket tissues and are mainly used by children.

But this product is different.
First of all, it's not small. And usually, some tissues are sold as a set, but each one is sold individually.
In other words, the price is high.

The character called cinnamon roll, which is popular in Japan, is cute.

Don't you know cinnamon rolls?
Well, I'm not familiar with it, but I know it's a character made by the same company as Kitty.

In the official profile says, "A white dog, born on a cloud in the distant sky."
Born in 2001, he is a very old dog.
In 2020, he has the ability to reach the top of the Sanrio character vote.
You should not look lightly.

In fact, such a big character tissue is rare in Japan.
A cute character is printed, so it's a waste to use.
I wish I could buy it outside Japan…

There are tissues with various patterns, so I'd like to introduce them if there is a chance.

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