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Tokyo Revengers is a big hit in Japan

A suspense work that depicts a runaway team that is the main cause of changing the fate of a former lover being killed when the bad hero awakens to the time leap ability to junior high school.

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main character.
Before the time leap, he was a useless part-time worker who lived in a boro apartment and spends the worst days bowing every day, but one day Hinata Tachibana, who was dating in the second year of junior high school, was killed by a person of "Tokyo Revengers" himself.
Someone struck me at the platform of the train and was about to be killed, which led me to wake up in a timely manner.
The fighting ability was mediocre, and it was the weakest against the strong opponent, but as the time leap was repeated, he began to show the mental power that he was willing to stretch for the future of chicks and friends, and it was superior. It grows up to the point where you can quarrel with Daiju and overwhelm Shimizu and Rare Saki.

All the characters are strong in fights, but the following video examines who is the strongest.

It has even been made into a movie.

We have already sold 23 million copies, but we are still selling.
By the way, the most popular character is Manjiro Sano.

He is the president of the runaway tribe "Tokyo Revengers" and has the nickname "Invincible Mikey".
It is the strongest defect that has both the ability of fighting that is touted as invincible and overwhelming charisma.
His personality is basically strong, innocent, good or bad, and according to Hanagaki Martial Arts, he is "bad but not a bad guy."

Such a blockbuster cartoon key chain has appeared.
Who is your favorite?

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