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Tokyo Revengers Mikey’s figure is cute

Now, I would like to introduce another figure of Mikey, the other main character of the very popular manga "Tokyo Revengers" in Japan.

It is likely to become even more popular as it will be made into a live-action movie.

Mikey is so strong that he has the nickname of invincible Mikey.

President of "Tokyo Revengers". Known as Mikey.
Born August 20, 1990, height 162 cm, weight 56kg, blood type B, favorite machine is CB250T.
Called "Invincible Mikey", the charisma that everyone knows and the strength of the fight is said to be one of the best in the world.
At the time of the first time leap, he was present at the scene of the fighting gambling with Ryuguji, and he liked Takemichi that he was about to lose but did not draw, and nicknamed him "Takemichi".

By the way, Tokyo Revengers is the largest runaway tribe in Tokyo.
A runaway tribe is a group of bad people who run around on motorcycles and cars without observing traffic rules.
The teams are divided into several teams, and each team has a territory, and the territory causes a conflict. It becomes.
It seems that there were about 40,000 runaway tribes in Japan at its peak, but now it has decreased to 4,000.

Mikey's dream was to "create a cool and bad era," and he wasn't good at using violence against women or involving unrelated people, and was tied up with a strong bond.
However, in modern times (2017), Mikey and Tetsuta Raresaki, who have "changed", have turned into a criminal group with gambling, fraud, rape, and murder.

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