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Violet Evergarden is too great

Animation "Violet Evergarden" created by Kyoto Animation with all its might
The greatness of the image was that it was movie-like quality every time.
Not only the video but also the story is wonderful.
It has been praised for being able to cry and being positive.
At this stage, I think it will be one of the best anime masterpieces.

The synopsis is as follows.
The four-year continental war between north, south, east and west is over.
Violet Evergarden, a girl who knew only to fight as a "weapon" on the battlefield, lost her arms on the intensifying battlefield and was forced to put on a prosthetic hand that could move freely.

After being discharged from the hospital, Violet begins working at C.H. Post as an automatic puppet under Hodges.
Violet once had Major Gilbert, the most important person on the battlefield. She couldn't understand the word "I love you" that was heard at the end, and she searches for the meaning of the word while interacting with people through her work and daily life.

This is a story of her growth as well as the story of the people who support her.
The people around me are all really nice people.
it is really amazing.
A gentle world is spreading.

However, in reality, the scars of the war until the other day remain not only in the city but also in the hearts of people.
What you lost in the war is not easily divisible.
Family, physical, trustworthy, proud.
It is also a story of those who have lost such things, and it is a story of hope to walk toward the future, little by little through "letters".

There are two theatrical versions, and finally Violet is with my beloved Major … but please take a look.

Kyoto Animation was involved in a terrible incident and was even told that it could not be revived.
However, I think it's really wonderful to be able to create works that give people hope.

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