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Wow What is this?

What’s that in the anime “Spirited Away”?

Studio Ghibli anime with many fans in the world. Among them, a lot of Japanese monsters come out "Spirited Away". Eh, never seen? No, look. It's not too late. I want to introduce you to various Youkai. note: Youkai are traditional Japanese monsters.

This is a monster called Kaonashi. The first half is rather bad, but in the second half, it comes with a feeling of calmness and gradually becoming cute.

An old man like a spider named Kamazii. He work in a boiler room. A character that is not bad because the craftsmanship oozes out.

This is God. The name is Oshira. The god of radish. These people are quite in the city.

The god of the chick is Otori-sama. Chick who did not lay eggs and became God. It's pretty cute, but eating eggs is a bit poor.

And this protagonist is this Youkai. A monster that is full of soot when you touch it. It seems to have appeared in the same Ghibli movie called "My Neighbor Totoro"

They have something Yes, this is "Kinpeito" and their staple food. Confetti? Have you heard about it?   

Actually this is real.

Is it really colorful and fashionable? You can eat this. What kind of taste does it taste like sugar? Actually, it's a sweet that has been around in Japan for 400 years.

In Japan, we eat with coffee or with bitter matcha. It's a sweet that's been loved for a long time because it's sweet, colorful, and looks and tastes good. Eh, have you never eaten? Waste! !

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