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YoRHa No. 2 B type figure is cool

YoRHa No. 2 Type B is the main character of the game NieR: Automata. It is a game that has become a hit all over the world because of its unique world view.
Set in a world where humankind was chased to the moon by the invasion of aliens, an android soldier manufactured by the human side aiming to recapture the earth, and a proxy war-like battle with weapons and mechanical lifeforms manufactured by aliens, In it, the main characters learn the truth of the world and the meaning of their birth.

Year 5012. Suddenly, an alien invades the earth and begins to invade. Human beings are forced to evacuate to the moon by being chased from the ground by the hands of aliens and the weapon "mechanical life form" they unleash.

The surviving humans form a resistance army of android soldiers to regain the stolen Earth.
The rebellion began with a group of bases set up in satellite orbit, but even after more than a dozen large-scale descent operations, it was still unable to make a decisive blow, and the war situation had been stalled for thousands of years.
In order to overcome this situation, human beings have developed a new android soldier "Yorha Aircraft" as a decisive battle weapon.
A "YoRHa unit" consisting of them will be formed and put into the front.

The main characters are all android soldiers.
That is why there is no human-like life. However, the ego gradually grows.
I don't want to spoil too much, but humanity is actually dead. But because of the opportunity, they have been executing the orders given for thousands of years. But they don't know the truth.

The main character's automatic infantry doll "Yorha". A general-purpose combat model android dispatched to the ground as a member of the YoRHa unit. Standing in a chic outfit with silver hair shining in a black dress. Since he wears combat goggles shaped like a blindfold, he rarely shows his eyes. There is a glossy mole on the mouth.
YoRHa members do not have names and are all called by symbols. Having emotions is prohibited by the rules, but there are individual differences between models, and 2B has a relatively calm and calm personality. The tone is not so simple, but it doesn't seem to be cold.

YoRHa belongs to an intelligence unit specializing in investigative missions. It also has an attack function, but is mainly good at reconnaissance missions and information gathering.
He has a relatively rich and gentle personality in the YoRHa unit, and has a high ability to judge situations and process information, so he is curious, talkative and sociable. The outfit is almost black like 2B, and while she is a skirt, this is shorts.
Although it is not a combat model but mainly data collection and maintenance personnel, it is also possible to provide logistical support and joint battles using weapons and pods, and support 2B dispatched by making full use of the unique skill "hacking" function. Do.

A-type YoRHa, a prototype model specializing in proximity that is not currently in operation.
The long silver hair that reaches the waist is fluttering, and the eyes are exposed without wearing goggles.
She doesn't talk too much and always acts alone, so most of her career and purpose of action are mysterious.
Since the A2 and 2B bodies have the same relationship in the manufacturing process, the mole on the mouth is also in the same position as 2B.

It's an android 2B figure, but it's a wonderful gem that combines sexyness and strength.
I think the finish is irresistible for nerds, so please buy it.

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