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Wow What is this?

You can become Spider-Man with this costume!

I like Spider-Man.
I fell in love with the movie, but now I'm playing games.
I hope that Spider-Man, who is full of dynamism, matches the streets of NY, and that he can go abroad quickly.

I don't think anyone knows Spider-Man, but I'll review it.

Spider-Man is an American comic hero that originated in MARVEL COMICS, a veteran hero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and one of the most popular heroes in Marvel Comics.

Famous for flying around between skyscrapers using Spider-Man spider silk.
Its identity is Peter Parker, but even in the official history, it may have been retired or killed depending on the time, and another person may be the inside person.
This is a hand that is often used in American comics, which often become rut due to the lengthening of the period, so even if it is replaced, it will eventually return to Parker after a while. It is the American comics that you cannot leave the work just by being killed.

Spider-Man has the impression that he just puts out the thread, but I want you to see the actual level.
Like his body and thread potential, the suit and his brain and skill level that created it are ridiculous.
He was tough enough to fight the Hulk in a human bullet battle, and he even won by hitting each other.
Not only that, Spider-Man is the brain who graduates from high school at the topI thought that it was about high school, but at one point Tony Stark thought that he would be his successor, and even released the emergency code of his Iron Spider suit independently, a super genius in the MARVEL world. Although he is not as good as he is, he has a genius-class brain. The number is IQ250.

The true identity of Spider-Man is Peter Parker.

He is a boy from Queens, New York, who lives with his uncle, Ben Jamin "Ben" Parker and May Parker.
He is said to have become Spider-Man after being bitten by a special spider during a high school social tour.

Here is a suit that can be such a Spider-Man!

By the way, even if you wear this, the thread will not come out!

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